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** Note** :

  • I have stopped working on this project. For users facing any issues, go through the comments on this post, which should help them. Other wise, you may drop a new query.

Auto Connect Download scheduler can be used to automate the way you connect to internet. Automate your download tasks by scheduling them, so that you can sleep in peace!

For Windows XP: DOWNLOAD V3.3.2

For Windows 7 : Download x64 V3.3.2

Note: Change log and links to download older versions available at end of page.

Note :

Creative Commons License
Auto-connect Download Scheduler by S.K.Aijazuddin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.


Ideal for limited bandwidth users who download during happy hours.

> New single Window GUI for easy operation.

> Compatible with Windows 7 too

> Schedule system wakeup, broadband connect and disconnect tasks.

> Schedule application run tasks, application close tasks.

> Schedule system shutdown task.

> Stores schedules of last run task for easy scheduling.

> Wake up password prompt security issue fixed.

> Schedule Auto-connect to run daily *New*

For first time users:

If you are running this application for the first time, follow this procedure –

Note: It is to be taken care that while scheduling tasks, the time is in 24 hours format and also that the default date shown is date today. Hence, if you are scheduling a task which is to take place tomorrow morning at 2 am, remember to change the date a day ahead.

And it is obvious that if time is already past 12 midnight, and a task to be run at 2am, date need not be changed.

Firstly, you need to tweak your torrent client a little.

Tweak you torrent client:-

  • Open your torrent client and go to settings\options. In TASK settings, select the option – ” Avoid system entering sleep\suspend mode when task running “. Apply. This will prevent your system from going to standby or hibernation when it’s idle during downloads.
  • Also in the same section, select the auto-resume tasks at program startup. This will make tasks start downloading when your PC wakes up at scheduled time and runs the client.
  • Also, go to built-in scheduler of bitcomet and set the download schedule time, like enable downloads during 2am to 8 am, and disable during the rest, this is for happy hours users. This will avoid downloads to run during off the happy hours period, even if you let the client run.

Note: When you add torrents, select the download now option or start the pending downloads after setting the schedule, later close the client, with tasks still set as running, this will make sure that the tasks  auto resume when PC wakes up and runs the application

Using Auto-connect : After having set up your torrent client, follow this procedure : ( One time task, data is stored after setting it once)

  • Add all download files in the torrent client, start all download tasks. Close ( quit ) the torrent client.
  • Enter the time to wake up, this is the time when you system will turn ON from hibernation mode.
  • Enter the time to connect the internet, and other data like user details ; or check the “I have a Always-ON connection” box. This connects internet or reboots the modem in always ON mode. Set this time suitably depending upon boot time of yours system. Note: In case of Windows 7, note the bootup time and time taken to initialize your modem into account to set this time, keeping a delay of 4-5mins after wake-up.
  • Enter the time to run the torrent client and also browse and select the application (client) to run.
  • Enter the time to close the torrent client and the time to disconnect the internet ( or reboot modem).
  • Enter the time to shut down the system.
  • If you want to run this schedule daily, check the Run this schedule daily box.
  • Click on Done and minimize the application. Hibernate the system.

You can schedule the tasks ( ie after pressing Done), minimize Auto-connect Window ( goes to tray) and continue using the system, browsing the internet. But remember to Hibernate it when you are done, don’t shutdown the system. You can leave it powered ON or in stand-by as well.

When scheduled to run daily, just click on Done button and minimize. Auto-Connect will start on system startup, minimized, and tasks schedules ( ie controls grayed). Every time you want the tasks to run that night, hibernate the system that night instead of shutdown. If you cancel or close it, it will cancel the tasks, and not run on startup the next time onwards.

Also, in windows 7,when the application is scheduled to run daily, Windows asks for UAC permission prompt everytime program starts at system startup. You may disable the UAC to avoid this prompt. Microsoft doesnt specify any other way to disable UAC messages for one particular program.

Caution: By default, when you install the application, hibernation is turned on. To hibernate, click on turn off button in star menu and when the window appears, press hold the SHIFT key, the stand buy button changes to hibernate. Now holding the shift key, press the hibernate button to hibernate. Also, it is advisable to make a full demo run of Auto-connect on your PC, this is to ensure any run time issues that arises due to Antiviruses and firewalls can be taken care of.

Caution: For Windows 7 users, Telnet is disabled by default . If you are a Always ON user, you need to enable it to make modem reboot work.

1. Go to control panel and click on Program and Features option.

2. Click on Turn windows features on and off and in the pop up window, scroll to Telnet client and check it. Click OK and wait for it to finish.

Change log:

V3.3.1            Download x86 Download x64

  • Added better modem reboot logic
  • Added task cancelling feature.
  • Added browse feature to select the application to run.
  • Improved GUI for better visibility
  • Application data stored at a secured location ( in Windows directory)

V 3.3 Beta

  • Added inbuilt modem reboot support. No reboot modules required.


  • Single window for both Bridge and PPPoE.
  • Windows 7 compatible x64 reboot modules.
  • Stores the task and connection details.

V3.1 Beta

  • Fixed continuous hibernate-wakeup bug, added shut down instead of sleep.
  • Fixed the password prompt security bug. No need to manually disable it on systems with user passwords.

V3.0 Beta

  • Single window version ( Beta release)
  • Windows 7 compatible


  • Bug fixed in task deletion feature.


  • Bug fixed in task deletion feature.


  • Added task cancelling feature to delete old tasks.


  • Fixed bug which didn’t allow spaces in connection names.
  • Corrected little details in help and in GUI.
  • Altered the GUI for more convenience.

V 2.3 –

  • Added sleep tasks.
  • Improved modules for always on type connections.
  • Added help and created support page.


  • Added user data correction
  • Added support for always on modems
  • Added multiple tasks creation feature


  • Added internet disconnect task feature
  • Minor bugs fixed


  • First version with GUI.
  • Beta release and limited fucntionality.


  • Corrected false positives with few antiviruses due to packaging softwares.


  • Corrected some major bugs and improved functionality


  • First release of Auto-connect.
  • Featured DOS interface, which was complex, though worked.