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Hi ! Having noticed need for a room where you can ask questions and get answered, I have started this page. If there is anything you need to know, ask here, answers are awaiting !


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  1. Sir i hav installed the software auto connect 2.4. All the scheduled task r functioning properly except wake up from hibernation which is in Broadband connect task is not working. Getting computer into Hibernate is working but vice versa is not….So plz help me out..whether i need to change any setting?

    • Sorry for delay buddy, I am out of city in country side these days. Auto-connect enables hibernation on its own when run first. But there is a probability that your PC doesn’t support wake up from sleep. Is your PC really old? And I hope you are setting the time correct. After your reporting, I retested the version and found it working satisfactorily. I advice you rather leave your PC on after scheduling the download. You may need to disable self hibernation time if you have it set in power options. Let me know more.

  2. Hi, I have a big problem!

    I have a computer which is infected with Recycler, and also a folder called “system volume information” which seems to go hand in hand with it.

    I tried looking everywhere and so far, there’s nothing that works. I tried editing the registry, getting rid of autorun.inf (of which when I searched, I can’t even find it…)

    Isn’t there something I can do? And I’m not exactly technology savy, so if there’s complicated steps, can you explain it so that I can understand?

    • Hi emerald … Very usually recycler virus is accompanied with an autorun.inf file and a registry entry to autorun it. Anyways, since you arent comfortable with it, I advice you to download malwarebytes anti-malware ( its a freeware) and install it on your PC. After installing it, update it. After updating it, run a full system scan. That must fix the issues. After the scan, if there is an issue with opening drives or any error msgs at system startup, contact me back. Good luck !

      • I did in fact download and updated Malwarebytes before, and it never detected it.

        Before I ran system restore a while back, it would give me a popup message at start up saying that it can’t detect a certain host .dll or something like that. I ran system restore as a resort, but recycler’s still there.

        Is there anything else I could do?

        I’m really afraid to put any usb in the computer since I’ve heard that it would spread that way.

      • Okey … Now, I rather doubt if you are actually infected. Recycler folder is actually created by windows for storing files which are deleted, ie it has the contents of the recycle bin . So, not all recycler folders are bad. Some viruses copy themselves to Recycler folder, that gave a common misconception that Recycler folders are viruses. Similarly, the system volume information folder stores the data that is required to for system restore, ie the restore points.

        Now, what you have to decide is do you really have a virus? Since malwarebytes turned negative, I advice a scan with super antispyware. If that too turns negative, chill, u dont have a virus.

        As far as the visible folders are concerned, just open My computer, click on the Tools option, click on folder options, click on view tab and click restore defaults and apply. The folders wont be visible anymore.

        Read the post on pendrive autorun viruses on my blog for more precautions on pendrives.

      • Well, I found out that I had it because a pop up came up at the begininng saying that it couldn’t find some sort of file with a number starting with s-1-something. Then my computer started being really slow, and sometimes I couldn’t get on task manager.

        I then found out it was recycler.exe (avg detected it a long time back, but couldn’t get rid of it), and I found the process of ctfmon.exe, which I’ve heard was associated with recycler. I tried working out the instructions on a forum to get rid of it, but no dice. I deleted the registry keys whenever I see recycler.exe, but I’ve noticed that it was still there, and ctfmon kept on regenerating itself.

        I’m not sure where to find the autorun.inf that’s involved with recycler, whenever I search it comes up with 3 or 4 and I’m not sure which one I’m supposed to get rid of.

        I was concerned about system volume information since I read from a forum that there was a virus involved with it, but I guess there’s nothing in system volume.

        I already knew how to hide and reveal folders, but thanks for the tip.

        Um, I did scan with spyware doctor, and it detected a trojan.drop in a registry key. I’ve also heard that recycler.exe virus does mess with the registry, right?

      • Hmm … can u arrange for a remote desktop session? I will have a look at your PC , and can decide if something is really wrong, and whats slowing it down .. Try reaching me on my yahoo ID, free666soul, on messenger. Read the section Get remote help.

  3. I had to create a malware that chenges the mouse buttons and switches worked well but I need to remove it how can i do that….pliz help

  4. i wanna make batch that can add some text lines to an existing text file and it should be invisible

  5. Hello Sir,
    I thank you for the guidance provided below here.I kindly appreciate it but as usual, I have done a fault.
    I brought Windows 7 installation CD and uninstalled Startup Assistant in Vaio, instead of disabling.!
    I am worried about it too.
    Sir, can you help me get it back please?
    Also have uninstalled Vaio OOBE and startup.!!
    Not much knowledged about it,

  6. Hello Sir,
    My Start up assistant wasn’t creating any problem for me.But as its recommended to remove it to support WIN 7, I removed on contrary,
    I went to the Vaio OOBE Link, but didn’t found much as I needed.I surely need your help and steps to reinstall it.! I searched it by using my model number, but it have no results and matching numbers.
    Thank you,
    Zainab πŸ™‚

    • The model number should be on back of the laptop … just check it out … providing the model number on the support site will help you fetch the required software ….

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