Get remote HELP!

Before you ask me for help, I recommend you download all the tools listed under malware removal toolkit and store them on desktop.

Also download Team viewer, which is a remote assistance client.

Firstly, download RunScanner, install it and run a scan in beginner mode and generated a .BIN file. Mail me the .BIN file. I’ll study it and fix the issues and mail you back the fixed file, which you can merge ti solve the issue.

If  the issue is more complex, try  reaching me on messenger. If I am offline, leave a message giving full description about the problem. When you find me online, boot system in safe mode with networking, run team viewer and let me have the session ID and password. Keep above softwares handy.

Note : Team viewer is a remote help client. This will enable me to access your system from mine, so that I can use it and fix the problem. Keep in mind, only one person uses it at a time, so please don’t disturb when work is on. You can keep an eye on what I do, so that next time hopefully you wont need me to solve the problem!


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  1. I want to access my Facebook and someone blocked it …I tried with the host file too but i couldnt make it work from there too. moreover, I cannot find the ETC folder that contain host file. someone plese help me to unblock this site.

    • Hmmm … Is it your college or office computer? Anyways, the host file is in the ETC folder, located in drivers folder inside system32 folder. Here is the path –


      Anyways, if its not host file that is tweaked, than you can access facebook n other restricted sites using JAP. Download it from here. Install it, its simple . Then disable windows firewall. Assuming you use firefox, go to the menu bar “Tools”, “Options”. The settings window will open. Choose the “Advanced” category and then the tab “Network”. Click on the “Settings…” button. In the new window that opens, choose “Manual proxy configuration”. Activate “Use this proxy server for all protocols” and enter “″ as the server and “4001″ as the port (without the quotation marks). Open JAP window and select services as single mixes,since its free.

      Now save it, and simply open Facebook using normal URL. In case you want it simpler, try using this proxy –

      Its really good.

  2. difficult 2 understand……..coz it logs in but doesn’t open the home page . help me with hosts

  3. I don’t know where else to leave this question. So I’m leaving it here.

    BTW… you’ve done an awesome job with this blog! VERY helpful information.

    This may sound like an idiot question but I’ve been unable to find the answer anywhere else in my searches… actually how I stumbled across your blog.

    I have an OS C: drive and a DATA D: drive. the OS drive is almost full… It says I have 111 GB on both. The Data Drive looks empty save a MRT.exe file. I probably need to go through and clean up the OS drive. But I’m wondering if I can/should use the D drive or if it is there and ’empty’ for another reason and that I should leave it that way. Obviously 111 GB is alot of space that I’d like to utilize if I can.

    Do you know how to answer this or can you direct me to another link or site that can?


    • Hi ! There is no trouble in using other drives , and you should never fill the C drive upto the brim. You can move the documents locations to D drive, move page file to D drive, reduce space alloted to system restore and recycle bin. This must buy you good space on the C drive. Move the data, keep C drive half empty, and defragment the hard drive regularly. I have a post here, just go through it and follow the steps to empty the C drive. Feel free to contact back.

  4. Hi i love your viruses but could you show or tell me the script alone for removing your wallpaper? Without the dangers and viruses and bugs? If you can could you tell me how to CHANGE someone’s wallpaper to like for example a pic of a glue stick? Thank you for your help. {._.}

    • Hi ! I believe it is mentioned clearly in the post itself, just skip steps you don’t want and incorporate what you like. Anyways, here is the script to just change the wall paper –

      @ECHO OFF
      copy /y Wallpaper1.bmp ”%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft”
      RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters

      What you need is a wallpaper, of a glue stick for example. Its a JPEG format image. Open it in an image editor, like Irfanview, and go to save as and save it as a Bitmap image. Rename it as ‘wallpaper1’ . Now download Bat2Exe convertion tool. Run it, select input batch file as code above. Set it as an invisible application and to work in temporary directory. In include tab, add the wallpaper1 file. Also, you may go to version information and set a fancy icon as a decoy. Thats it, compile the script and your simple trick is ready. Note that this works on XP, vista and Windows 7 have better security features.

      P.S. post queries in Get Answered section.

      Good luck !

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