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** Note** :

  • I have stopped working on this project. For users facing any issues, go through the comments on this post, which should help them. Other wise, you may drop a new query.

Auto Connect Download scheduler can be used to automate the way you connect to internet. Automate your download tasks by scheduling them, so that you can sleep in peace!

For Windows XP: DOWNLOAD V3.3.2

For Windows 7 : Download x64 V3.3.2

Note: Change log and links to download older versions available at end of page.

Note :

Creative Commons License
Auto-connect Download Scheduler by S.K.Aijazuddin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.


Ideal for limited bandwidth users who download during happy hours.

> New single Window GUI for easy operation.

> Compatible with Windows 7 too

> Schedule system wakeup, broadband connect and disconnect tasks.

> Schedule application run tasks, application close tasks.

> Schedule system shutdown task.

> Stores schedules of last run task for easy scheduling.

> Wake up password prompt security issue fixed.

> Schedule Auto-connect to run daily *New*

For first time users:

If you are running this application for the first time, follow this procedure –

Note: It is to be taken care that while scheduling tasks, the time is in 24 hours format and also that the default date shown is date today. Hence, if you are scheduling a task which is to take place tomorrow morning at 2 am, remember to change the date a day ahead.

And it is obvious that if time is already past 12 midnight, and a task to be run at 2am, date need not be changed.

Firstly, you need to tweak your torrent client a little.

Tweak you torrent client:-

  • Open your torrent client and go to settings\options. In TASK settings, select the option – ” Avoid system entering sleep\suspend mode when task running “. Apply. This will prevent your system from going to standby or hibernation when it’s idle during downloads.
  • Also in the same section, select the auto-resume tasks at program startup. This will make tasks start downloading when your PC wakes up at scheduled time and runs the client.
  • Also, go to built-in scheduler of bitcomet and set the download schedule time, like enable downloads during 2am to 8 am, and disable during the rest, this is for happy hours users. This will avoid downloads to run during off the happy hours period, even if you let the client run.

Note: When you add torrents, select the download now option or start the pending downloads after setting the schedule, later close the client, with tasks still set as running, this will make sure that the tasks  auto resume when PC wakes up and runs the application

Using Auto-connect : After having set up your torrent client, follow this procedure : ( One time task, data is stored after setting it once)

  • Add all download files in the torrent client, start all download tasks. Close ( quit ) the torrent client.
  • Enter the time to wake up, this is the time when you system will turn ON from hibernation mode.
  • Enter the time to connect the internet, and other data like user details ; or check the “I have a Always-ON connection” box. This connects internet or reboots the modem in always ON mode. Set this time suitably depending upon boot time of yours system. Note: In case of Windows 7, note the bootup time and time taken to initialize your modem into account to set this time, keeping a delay of 4-5mins after wake-up.
  • Enter the time to run the torrent client and also browse and select the application (client) to run.
  • Enter the time to close the torrent client and the time to disconnect the internet ( or reboot modem).
  • Enter the time to shut down the system.
  • If you want to run this schedule daily, check the Run this schedule daily box.
  • Click on Done and minimize the application. Hibernate the system.

You can schedule the tasks ( ie after pressing Done), minimize Auto-connect Window ( goes to tray) and continue using the system, browsing the internet. But remember to Hibernate it when you are done, don’t shutdown the system. You can leave it powered ON or in stand-by as well.

When scheduled to run daily, just click on Done button and minimize. Auto-Connect will start on system startup, minimized, and tasks schedules ( ie controls grayed). Every time you want the tasks to run that night, hibernate the system that night instead of shutdown. If you cancel or close it, it will cancel the tasks, and not run on startup the next time onwards.

Also, in windows 7,when the application is scheduled to run daily, Windows asks for UAC permission prompt everytime program starts at system startup. You may disable the UAC to avoid this prompt. Microsoft doesnt specify any other way to disable UAC messages for one particular program.

Caution: By default, when you install the application, hibernation is turned on. To hibernate, click on turn off button in star menu and when the window appears, press hold the SHIFT key, the stand buy button changes to hibernate. Now holding the shift key, press the hibernate button to hibernate. Also, it is advisable to make a full demo run of Auto-connect on your PC, this is to ensure any run time issues that arises due to Antiviruses and firewalls can be taken care of.

Caution: For Windows 7 users, Telnet is disabled by default . If you are a Always ON user, you need to enable it to make modem reboot work.

1. Go to control panel and click on Program and Features option.

2. Click on Turn windows features on and off and in the pop up window, scroll to Telnet client and check it. Click OK and wait for it to finish.

Change log:

V3.3.1            Download x86 Download x64

  • Added better modem reboot logic
  • Added task cancelling feature.
  • Added browse feature to select the application to run.
  • Improved GUI for better visibility
  • Application data stored at a secured location ( in Windows directory)

V 3.3 Beta

  • Added inbuilt modem reboot support. No reboot modules required.


  • Single window for both Bridge and PPPoE.
  • Windows 7 compatible x64 reboot modules.
  • Stores the task and connection details.

V3.1 Beta

  • Fixed continuous hibernate-wakeup bug, added shut down instead of sleep.
  • Fixed the password prompt security bug. No need to manually disable it on systems with user passwords.

V3.0 Beta

  • Single window version ( Beta release)
  • Windows 7 compatible


  • Bug fixed in task deletion feature.


  • Bug fixed in task deletion feature.


  • Added task cancelling feature to delete old tasks.


  • Fixed bug which didn’t allow spaces in connection names.
  • Corrected little details in help and in GUI.
  • Altered the GUI for more convenience.

V 2.3 –

  • Added sleep tasks.
  • Improved modules for always on type connections.
  • Added help and created support page.


  • Added user data correction
  • Added support for always on modems
  • Added multiple tasks creation feature


  • Added internet disconnect task feature
  • Minor bugs fixed


  • First version with GUI.
  • Beta release and limited fucntionality.


  • Corrected false positives with few antiviruses due to packaging softwares.


  • Corrected some major bugs and improved functionality


  • First release of Auto-connect.
  • Featured DOS interface, which was complex, though worked.

148 Responses

  1. Dear Aijaz ,

    Thanks a lot for creating and allowing others to use such a necessary software. This one will be very useful to me as my rebate(BB fixed chg. 500/-) period of Home UL 750 Plan is expiring on 31st December and I have to pay 750/- as BB fixed chg from now onwards. I have tested the software and am very satisfied with its performance. Since I connect to net by bridging mode I don’t need the modem reboot module. But currently Calcutta Telephones is distributing Siemens C2110 modem in large no.s to BB subscribers. It will be very useful if u create a module for it. Lastly I would request u to create a similar software for Vista & 7 —32bit & 64 bit.

    Anirban Kar
    Tollygunge, Kolkata, W.B.

    P.S. I would also request u to add a feature to create macro commands from keyboard and mouse , this will be very helpful to people to record late night show from TV tuner & Video Capture card also layman like me to start torrent clients from desktop shortcut . Just like the software Auto PowerOn & Shutdown.

    • Thanks Anibar ! I will certainly take your advice into account. I am shortly going to start working on Vista compatible version. I have included task cancelling feature, which was much needed.

      • Dear Aijaz,

        I have requested you to develop a software for windows 7 64 bit. and modem reboot module for siemens C2110 . How far the work has progressed ?
        I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit RTM. I am unable to find any free scheduling software. Can u help me to find one which will have kdb/mouse macros.

      • Hi Anirban .. I have released a Windows 7 compatible version yesterday. Its still a Beta release, maybe little buggy, use it and suggest improvements … But the issue is that Windows 7 doesnt have Telnet enabled by default, hence modem reboot modules doest work … Btw, why dont you reconfigure your modem to work in bridge mode ? Macros feature yet to come …

        Also, little changes to power settings are to be made in Windows 7, look at post for details.

  2. Dear Aijaz,

    I am under Home500C plan of BSNL. By the way I have noticed a very positive step from BSNL which is — they are segregating the data usage between 2am and 8am (happy hours) and not charging them. But my local BSNL exchange officials are unaware of it and has not received any official circular. Does BSNL users at Hyderabad also enjoying the same facility. Let me know. If that is the case then one does not need a modem reboot module anymore. But don’t feel that all your work was in vain, we still need Auto connect download scheduler and we also need modem reeboot because BSNL still has not reached a position to be trusted fully for billing so keep up your job ! Btw how can one bypass the shortcoming of windows 7 ?

    • I too have heard that … But its not yet implemented in Hyd … Atleast didnt work for me … 😦 .. Nways, that change is really welcomed … saves me lots of lines of code :p … Read post above, its edited to include tweaks to be made in Windows 7.

      You can go to control panel, Add and remove windows features and enable Telnet from there … Since you got limited scheme, why is it that you have your modem in always on mode ? Its more comfortable in Bridge mode where in we use a user ID and password to connect …
      Also, in the new Beta 3.0 version, in the last option of Hibernate at set time, I come to learn it hibernates, but wakes up immediately, is it so in your case too ? plz let me know.

    • Hi Anirban, I have made x64 compatible modem reboot modules. Try them and see if any works for you too, coz usually they tend to work for most of the modems. Let me know which one did.

      Good luck !

  3. my laptop does not start automatically from hibernation even though i am using this software. wats wrong with this.. i used this software previously . it worked. after formatting my system it is not working..plzz help me

    • Which version of auto-connect do you use ? In version 2.7 , if you had formatted your PC and again run Auto-connect from main executable, that was on C drive , I mean did you backed it up and using the same ? If it is so, it doest work that way, you gotta run the installer again, so that required files are installed.

      Version 3.0 is purely standalone, there shouldn’t be issues of this sort in it.

  4. Dear Aijaz,
    I have used the Auto Connect Scheduler v3.0 Beta yesterday and had configured my modem to run in bridge mode.These are my observations………

    1) Connecting/dialling to internet working fine

    2)Disconnecting/hanging up working fine

    3)Starting a program working fine (can a desktop link be dragged and dropped?)

    4)Stopping a program working fine(but the icon of Vuze is still appearing in the task bar but vanishing as I take my mouse pointer over it), it can be ignored and when I am starting Vuze later it is saying — last time Vuze didn’t close tidily.I have sheduled Vuze by installing a scheduler plugin to take 2nd line of defence against trailing beyond happy hours.

    5)Having trouble with returning to sleep mode again, It is indeed waking up after a 5-6 seconds and within that few seconds power LED is not blinking as it should in a sleep mode, it is completely off !!

    I have tested all the features twice and in the 2nd trial the my PC got hanged after automatic wakeup after returning to sleep.

    So I scheduled today to download torrent by Vuze without setting returning to sleep time, but setting all other schedules and it worked fine for me. I will test again and communicate the result to you.

    P.S. Btw your screen shots on disabling password on wake up from sleep was useful. Please can you make screenshots more bigger?


    • Thanks a lot Anirbar ! I m certainly gonna look into the issue of sleep mode, planning to remove it and add a shut down task instead. The new version will have Dial up and Always-on in a single module and will store data entered for ease of operation next time. The screen shots, once you click on them, maximize to a visible size. You still find those small ? Thanks for the review !

      Bye !

  5. Hi Aizaz
    Thanks for this useful software which lets me free from waking up at 2 am to connect my broadband
    Earlier when i was using XP i used Autoconnect v2 which had option to save the schedule data everyday so we do not had to specify connect and disconnect timing everyday
    But for version 3 we have to specify it every day
    Make the option to save the information data everyday so that we do not have to specify it manually.
    Thank you

    • Hi Viraj … Thanks for your support … I am working on totally rescripting auto-connect, so will consider your inputs in coming version, but may take some time. But the latest version does have this function that stores the information once entered in a ini file ( which in created in the same directory as the auto-connect program). So, the next time you run it, you will have to just alter the date and click Done. Which version are you using ??

  6. Hi
    I am using the BB 500 plan. I do not have a always on connection so I use a dialer to connect to the internet. The problem is if you keep the modem on for more than 5 minutes, then the modem does not connect untill you reboot it. So I need a software that will rebbot my modem first and then connect it using the dialer to the internet. Does this software provide me that functinality ?

    • Hi ! The previous version of the software, Auto-connect V2.7 , is capable of scheduling multiple tasks in a random manner. Using that you can schedule an application run task first, scheduled to run the suitable modem reboot module for your modem. This will reboot the modem. This can be followed by the internet connect task to dial your connection. Download the older version from here –
      Note: Works only for Xp.
      The issue you face can be fixed usually by these windows updates. Download and update.
      WindowsXP-KB894391, WindowsXP-KB921883, WindowsXP-KB958644.

  7. I find the link for Huawei MT882 and “UT300R2U and WA3002G4” same and it is for “UT300R2U and WA3002G4”, as it is not working with Huawei MT882.
    Please send the link for Huawei MT882 module.
    MT880 module is not working with MT882.


    • Hello Deepanshu … Yes, the links are same, coz I had verified that the same module works in both the cases. Is it not so in your case ? What OS do you use ? For Windows 7, use x64 modules. Anyways, if this dont work, let me have telnet commands for your modem. Go to run and type –
      use default username and password to log into the router ( usually it is admin and admin, sometimes password is password)
      Once logged into the router, type HELP and strike enter. This displays the set of accepted commands, post them to me.

      • HI, Even i am facing the same problem, the modem reboot is not happening for MT882. It logins successfully but when reboot is shown the next line is displayed as “Syntax Error”.

        I am using Win XP. Can you please release a rebbot module for MT882.

      • when i entered help, it showed the following:

        ATMOS CLI Help

        Within the CLI, the following functions can be used:

        * Hitting ? halfway through a word shows all valid completions of that prefix
        * Hitting ? after a word shows a list of the words that can follow it
        * Hitting TAB halfway through a word completes it, if it is unique
        * The UP and DOWN cursor keys move back and forward through the command history
        * LEFT and RIGHT cursor keys can be used for line-editing, and CTRL+A and
        CTRL+E move the cursor to the start and end of the line respectively

        Pressing ? at the top-level prompt will display a list of the command groups
        available. Typing one followed by a space and then hitting ? will show the
        subcommands within that group, and so on.

      • Try using ” ? ” to see the list and also see if the any of the commands – SYSTEM RESTART, SYSTEM REBOOT, SET REBOOT ; restarts your modem.

      • Hi, The MT880 module worked for me. The reboot happened properly. 🙂

      • Hi Aijaz,
        For me too the modem reset fxunction doesn’t work. Specs are given below.

        – Windows 7
        – Telnet is checked per your instructions
        – Downloaded and installed the v3.3.2 for 64 bit
        – Westell A90-750015 ADSL2+ Modem Router
        – I am able to connect to without any user id or pwd (when connected thru ethernet cable or thru wi-fi)

        Appreciate your help to resolve this issue. Thanks for creating Auto-Connect.


      • Can you telnet using cmd to 192.168.1. ??

        Launch cmd, in it type :


        Lemme know if any login credentials were asked. Once you are logged in, type keywords like reboot, restart etc and see if any of those restarts your modem. Try to find the command set of your router, that should let us know what command reboots it.

  8. can i ask you 1thng.. i keep ma net on and put it in hibernation.. then at 2.05am the comptr turn on and start wen it start dwnloadin will it b counting wth the limited data usage or unlimited data usge ?

    • Hi ! When you say you let the internet on and put in hibernation, I expect its an always On connection. Actually, your modem must be restarted after 2 am for your download to come under night free time. In some areas, bsnl server is updated and you dont need to restart, it will automatically come under free time after 2am. But in other areas, like mine too, you will have to restart it. Better, to be on safe side, restart it, at 2:05 am , and again at 7:55 am.

      My software auto-connect has this feature. Choose ” I have always on connection”, and drag and drop your suitable modem reboot module, and set the times. This will take care of it all on its own.

  9. wont this work with uTorrent ???????

  10. the latest version is for windows 7 64 bit. I am using windows 7 32 bit and it is not working. Can u please give me the version which will work for 32 bit OS and does not require modem reboot module.

    • Hi Alok … Did u try the x32 version on your system ? The one which I actually recommend for Windows xp ? Give it a try and let me know.

  11. Thanks for this wonderful software. Can you please tell me that which language have you used to create auto connect download scheduler?

    thanks again for providing it for free.

  12. i am an xp user n an ALWAYS ON USER. Do i need to enable TELNET to make modem reboot work. IF so how?

  13. sir,
    today i downloaded ur wonderful software.

    i need an add on which can be used to reboot the modem(bridging mode) after a successful download so that the IP changes automatically.this reduces the waiting time when we download from rapidshare.
    thanks in advance.

  14. Hi,

    I am bit late to congratulate you. Recommending to many users. Hope this app will be common in every house hold. Will my best to support you.



  15. I’m using Windows 7 professional.I tried your software and do everything what you mentioned but it didn’t work.I hybernate my laptop but it didn’t open at scheduled time.Do i need to do anything else?BTW i downloaded the version which is for XP as windows 7 you linked here is only for 64bit.And that software is not compatible.Please help me.As i need this software to work for me.

    Thank you.

    • Hi! Laptops pose a totally different scenario for auto-connect. When I coded it, I wasnt considering the idea of using it on laptops. Though you can use it on them, it may require little tweaks in system settings. Like in power settings, you need to disable features that close hard disks or puts system to standby or hibernates the system after some inactivity. The next version which I’ll release will keep all those things in mind.

      Coming to your case, did you close the flap after scheduling the download ? Sometimes firewall too stop it from working, add it to exceptions in that case. Try keeping the power settings to “Do nothing on closing lid” and try again. You may also consider keeping your laptop on, with lid closed, and see if other features work well.

  16. Aijaz,

    I have a few questions?
    Previously i used a certain method to automate my downloads on my 500 plan.. but had a problem as my modem was switched on always and there was a certain amount of data transfer!! note(my comp was in hibernate mode)

    will i be avoiding this problem in ur app, if yes then how?
    how do i stop data transfer when my modem is switched on?

    I very badly want an application like yours, but i am afraid of the data transfer when the modem is switched on?

    please help…

    • Hi Suresh! Technically, in always ON mode of a modem, though the PC is off or in hibernation, its like internet is still connected. So, if you see the logs, it shows a long session from the time you close your PC ( or put into hibernation) to the time when you reboot the modem. And during this time, the usage is very negligible. The trick is to reboot the modem after 2 am, and then start the download. This way the session is refreshed. I can safely assume there is no way the internet can be disconnected in an always ON connection, except for turning the modem off.

      Were you rebooting the modem after 2 am before starting the download? And also, stop the download before 8 and reboot the modem again. I have used it this way and the usage was never noticeable.

      Anyways, if there is no specific reason why you use always ON, I advice you use a bridge mode.

      • Aijaz,

        thanks for the reply.. but i still have a few followup questions… don’t mind..

        How can i use the bridge mode? I believe it has got to do with assigning username and password everytime i want to connect to the internet right?

        i was not rebooting the modem after 2am or before 8am maybe that was my problem?? Anyways this time i will use with your application and set modem reboots!!

        i heard hibernation is not good!! anyways my bios has a rtc wake up alarm which works fine… untill the power to the system is cut off… once power supply is cut off the rtc wake up alarm does not work!! i suppose this has got to do with the on board battery… will replacing it solve my problem!!


      • To set a bridge mode, you need to access your router config page. This can be done by typing in your browser window and using admin as user and password is either admin or password. Once you log in, you can go to advance connection settings, and choose bridge connection. save and wait for modem to reboot.

        After that create a new connection using control panel and you can log in using that connection. You’ll need to click on that connect icon on desktop and log in.

        There is no such thing like hibernation is bad for a PC. Anyways, if you prefer wakeup alarms, you can go ahead with them as well. Also, since you didnt reboot modem earlier, it was the culprit.

        Take care. Bye!

  17. Aijaz,

    I have started using your application.

    Modem reboots are fine.
    Shutdown of the system works fine.
    Utorrent start and stop works fine.
    Wake up from hibernation is troubling me….

    The first wake up from hibernation works fine…. but once the system is online and if i again put the system for hibernating (after specifying a certain time to wake up) it automatically wakes up right after 2 mins.

    hope you understand my problem?? in simple words between hibernation without a system restart or shutdown, the system automatically wakes up after every 2 mins from the time it is put to hibernate.


    • Hi suresh! Sorry for delay, I am constantly on move these days, changing cities .. Well, I understood the problem, but I have an clarification, how many instances of auto-connect are you using ? Coz, once you schedule all the tasks, and put system to hibernation, the tasks are saved, and application is to be minimized to tray. When system wakes up at specified time, Auto-connect is already running, its in tray, if not visible. And the tasks scheduled earlier are running still. In that case if you run a new instance, and hibernate, the old one makes the PC to turn back on, so as to resume running tasks. Thus, only once instance at a time.While you schedule the wakeup, schedule all other tasks as well. And in case you wanna cancel the tasks, launch the application from the tray and click on cancel tasks button.

      Hope this solves the problem.

  18. I am using this software for more than a week. Today it gave me a strange problem. When ever i scheduled the tasks and hibernate the system came out of hibernation within 2 minutes but when i didn’t schedule it the system behaved normal.
    Os windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

    • Hi ayush … earlier version of auto-connect which had to be given a task run date displayed such behavior when a date already past was given. The new version gives a default date of next day. Another person had reported the issue, but I had though that occurred due to hibernating the system when the tasks were running(ie hibernating when the system just woke up from hibernation). I will look into it. Please confirm if you are using the run daily feature. I’ll provide link to download previous version, try using that, while I look into the issue.

      Thanks for informing me.

  19. hi alijaz!!ii just downloaded ur software.i scheduled all the settings and put my computer in hibernation mode,but it is not waking up………….after some time i waked up my system manually………….let me first inform that i hav a laptop(os windows 7 home premium)………then after i woke my laptop manually the net connets automatically as scheduled ,program i specified opens……….it closes autumatically…net disconnects automatically……and my laptop shuts down as scheduled…………the only problem is the computer does not wakes up fron hibernation…….i downloaded version 3.3.2 and i did not close the lid after hibernating my laptop…………..i really want a good software like yours…………..please help me……
    wish u a happy ramzan

    • Hi Alexander .. Thanks and wish you the same .. Is it x86 or x64 OS ? If its a x64, use the x64 version of auto-connect … Hope that solves the issue. I anticipate a bug in x86, which doesn’t wake up the system in case of Windows 7 x86. I will look into it and release the fixed version. Please get back to me and let me know if using x64 version solves the problem.

  20. my laptop is 64-bit version (acer aspire 5738z)…..but in c: drive all softwares gets installed in a folder named programs files(x86)
    so i hav a doubt wheather my computer is x64 or x86
    in system properties it shows that my comp is 64-bit,
    but y in that program files folder in brackets it is written x86 ?……i dont know y, can u help me on that?
    what i downloaded was version 3.3.2 x64 for windows 7………..for windows 7 i cannot find download link for version 3.3.2 x86
    so i downloaded version 3.3.1 version both x64 and x86
    but they too hav the same problem
    every time i open auto connect my comp promts a dialog box saying “do u want to run it?”if i give s then auto connect opens …..does this associated with that problem…….not only for thus one …even for other softwares like total video converter it promts the dialog box……..i dont know wheather thus has any connection with that problem
    finaly can u give me the link for downloading versin 3.3.2 x86 for windows 7 so that i can give a try on that
    maybe that might work on my system
    thanks 4 ur reply

  21. hi,now its working fine automatically
    thanks anyway
    continue ur good work

    • Hi ! x86 one is for XP and 32 bit Windows 7. So, the 32 bit version is the same one.Just for your information, Windows 7 installs 32 bit applications in a separate folder x86. The prompt being asked is because of UAT, its not an issue, but is really annoying though, Microsoft didnt give a system to add exceptions to UAT.

      Btw, what was the issue that made it happen? Can you explain how it got back to normal? I am awaiting your reply.

  22. My broadband connection is not much good .The link is very unstable. Suppose at the time when auto-connector is connecting to the net when the link is not present, then no connection will established. So please do something about this.You can give an option for number of tries for connecting to the net. AND secondly, before using this software, i used to use windows scheduler to connect to the net and other . But sometimes it happened that my connection got hanged and nothing was downloaded (modem and pc were not hanged) Please tell me that how this might have happened.

    • Hi Abhi! I will surely consider this idea in my next version. And about the line dropping, this could be due to disturbances in the line, contact your ISP guys regd the issue.

  23. Thanks for this excellent sw.

    Aijaz, here is a strange issue.
    I leave my system off and my modem in NIC disabled. Computer starts around 2:00 AM and then by 2:05, the system enables the NIC first and then reboots the modem. All working perfectly planned! But…

    I could see that from the time I kept my modem ON till the reboot, there is some considerable amount of data loss. Say, if I leave my modem on from 10:00 PM and the system off – then there is some ghost packet releases from 10:00 PM to 2:05 AM.

    Do you have any idea why it is happening? Thanks.
    I am not using Wi-Fi modem and it’s a ADSL modem. Thanks,

    • Hi Sunil … Since you use PPPoE connection, the connection is dialed in your modem, and internet is connected the moment the modem is powered ON. Disabling the NIC on the PC will ensure no usage through PC, but still internet is connected in the modem. And such data loss is common, but I will ask how much is it, a MB or two is common.

      Whats happening in your case, I suppose, is that at night you will browse a little, and then schedule download and put system to sleep. And when modem reboots at 2:05, since the session lasted from 10 ( including your browsing) to 2, it shows considerable usage. Hence, try this, just before putting system to sleep, reboot the modem once, schedule the download, and put system to sleep. Now see whats the usage shown for session between 10 – 2. I am sure it will be quite less.

      Do reply.

      • Thanks for the tips, Aijaz. Your tip worked like a charm. Yesterday night it just put 240 KB loss. Let me check for few more days and let you know a concrete result. Thanks, Aijaz. You are a wonder. 🙂

      • You are welcome Sunil. The usage have been the same earlier too, just that it included the entire session. Now its showing exclusively the session when PC was off.


      • It’s resolved, friend! Now it’s hardly in KBs. Here is the list past few days.
        125, 501, 163, 312, 126 (All read in KBs)


  24. Special thanks!

  25. Hi Aijaz ! First let me congratulate you on your brilliant software ! after much searching over the net, i stumbled upon it and found it the most helpful ware out there. but i have some issues regarding my inability to make the most out of it for my system. i have minuscule knowledge of soft-tech, so please pardon my ignorance/mistakes. allow me to explain :-

    i have an MTNL Triband connection (2200 hrs to 0800 hrs night-unltd). i surf the net on my HP dv6114tx laptop, using Huawei MT882 router. i connect via Intel(R) PRO/1000 PL network connection, which is pre-installed and configured on my laptop for LAN or high-speed net. i have a PPPoE connection. i switch ON my laptop daily at 2100 hrs, and switch ON my modem and connect to the net at 2215 hrs manually, well after the time-limit starts, so ‘hibernation’ is not an issue for me. am using Auto-Connect V3.3.2. the problem is, it successfully closes uTorrent and my PC itself at the scheduled time in the morning, but fails to disconnect the net or reboot the modem. i viewed the conversation midway above between you and Mr. Srikanth, who seemed to have a similar problem, and you advised him to check out on telnet, and see the commands therein. i followed the same steps, but am unable to log in. though i use username and password both as ‘admin’ on the router page, but telnet fails me to log in using the same. also, where do i find the router reboot modules for MT880/MT882, which worked for Mr. Srikanth ? if you need me to post screenshots of my system, please do tell.

    sorry for writing long, but please bear with me and kindly suggest on what i should do. awaiting your reply.

    warm regards.

    • Hi Ankur, I have a little clarification to make, you mentioned you have a PPPoE configured modem, but then you say – “switch ON my modem and connect to the net at 2215 hrs manually”. Are you sure u have a pppoe ? confirm if you have a always ON connection or a dialup.

      Also, auto-connect dials/reboots modem at starting of download as well, is that part working properly ? Confirm.

      Anyways, here is link for reboot module-

      Also inform me what OS do you use.

    • Also, when modem reboot part is running, a DOS shell opens up, where in it logs into the router and sends the reboot command to it.

      Run a demo-run, scheduling modem reboot at some 2-3 mins from now, and see if the DOS shell comes up, and if auto-connect is able to log into the router.

      Also, try manually logging in using admin – password combination. Let me know if that works.

      • Hi !

        what i meant to say was, that i have an ‘always ON’ connection (PPPoE), but i don’t keep it switched on, albeit i manually press the POWER switch of the router at 2215 hrs, and then wait for the ADSL and LAN lights to glow up continuously and then i connect to the internet. i don’t keep my router powered on the whole day. just at the time when i need to connect to the net. and no, i don’t dial-up or log on to the net using any username and password.

        auto-connect isn’t able to log into my router to restart it, either before the downloading or after the downloading in the morning. the DOS shell shows auto-connect attempting to log into my router, but after 3 unsuccessful attempts, it declares ‘connection to host lost’. i also tried to do it manually by going to RUN > telnet, but here too, even after putting my username and password as ‘admin’ (without the quotes) i get the same result, ie, ‘login incorrect’ for 3 times in a row, followed by ‘connection to host lost’, although i can log into my router page by using ‘admin’ as u/name and p/word on a browser window.

        i tried the reboot module which you gave me, but same result, as i told you above ! and yes, my OS is win XP (media center edition). see if you can think of a solution…


  26. and yes, i also used the admin-password combination, but to no avail (login – admin ; password – password)…

  27. hey, i did a li’l bit of googling, and came upon this page :-

    as mentioned in it, i entered the login name as ‘root’ (without quotes) and p/word as ‘admin’, and BINGO !
    then i typed ‘?’ and a list of commands was displayed. among them, three caught my attention, namely EXIT, LOG OFF, and QUIT. i suppose one of them would do the job. i thought it wise to halt here and take your advice before proceeding. how to enable these commands for auto-connect ? pls suggest…

  28. hi !
    am going through various posts on and other broadband sites regarding this telnet and mt882 issue. did see your posts too on broadbandforum. i think am on the verge of finding a probable makeshift solution going by what others have posted. but the best thing would be integrating a reboot module for MT882 in auto-connect. that way everything would be included in a single application itself. will post the result here soon…

  29. GOT IT !!!!!!

    • Hi Ankur … the credentials were different … Root and Admin are the ones as u found out … I’ll have to reprogram auto-connect to accept those, detecting at first the type of modem. I can, but, quickly make one exclusively for ur modem and post it here … wait for a while …

    • Here we go –
      Test it and lemme know.

      • Hi !

        sorry i didn’t see your latest reply to me earlier. thanks a lot for making a tweaked version for me ! i tried, but i knew it would halt at a point, unable to restart the router. that’s because now i know the script for reboot of MT882. its slightly different. by now, i have tried 4 methods of router-rebooting using 2-3 scripts, and all of them work, namely :-

        1] using ‘autohotkey’ & win XP scheduled tasks.
        2] using ‘expect’
        3] using imran’s broadband helper utility
        4] using a task scheduling software with one of the 2 scripts.

        but by far, using auto-connect for all the functions would be the best, as it would integrate all the processes in one single software ! actually, when ‘reboot’ or ‘restart’ is entered in the shell prompt, my router complains about requirement of privileges over level 2. one of the things would’ve been to run the process as an administrator and then see, but that still didn’t work out for me. so as a blocking call, its needed to enter ‘shell’ as a command again in the prompt, and then enter ‘reboot’, followed by ‘Ctrl +]’ to exit the prompt, and this works like a charm !
        i used the following scripts after scavenging the net for hours, after a li’l bit of editing of the original scripts for my own needs. i am posting them down here. use any one to integrate into auto-connect, and then ping me. no doubt that then auto-connect would work flawlessly for MT882 ! here they are :-

        SCRIPT NO. 1 :- 23
        WAIT “login”
        SEND “root\m”
        WAIT “Password”
        SEND “admin\m”
        WAIT “>”
        SEND “shell\m”
        WAIT “#”
        SEND “reboot\m”
        WAIT “”

        (Courtesy –> prashanth babu; did a little editing. can be run using ‘system scheduler’ software and TST.)

        SCRIPT NO. 1a :- 23
        WAIT “*”
        SEND “root\m”,1000
        WAIT “*”
        SEND “admin\m”,1000
        WAIT “”
        SEND “shell\m”,1000
        WAIT “\mDSL Modem CLI\mCopyright (c) 2004 Texas Instruments, Inc.\mcli> shell\m”
        SEND “reboot\m”,3000
        WAIT “r”
        SEND “exit\m”,1000
        WAIT “”
        SEND “”

        (edited in imran’s broadband helper utility)

        SCRIPT NO. 2 :-

        Run telnet.exe
        WinWait C:\WINDOWS\system32\telnet.exe
        WinActivate C:\WINDOWS\system32\telnet.exe
        Send o{SPACE}{ENTER}
        Sleep 2000
        WinActivate Telnet
        Send root{ENTER}
        Sleep 2000
        WinActivate Telnet
        Send admin{ENTER}
        Sleep 5000
        WinActivate Telnet
        Send shell{ENTER}
        Sleep 3000
        WinActivate Telnet
        Send reboot{ENTER}
        Sleep 70000
        WinActivate Telnet
        Send a{ENTER}
        Sleep 2000
        WinActivate Telnet
        WinClose Telnet

        (Courtesy –> GREIKOR of ; this one’s the edited one done by me for MT882. its to be used with ‘autohotkey’ and Windows task scheduler, and it works.)

        kindly see what you can do with them for auto-connect. thanks again !!

      • Thanks Ankur, that will surely help me. Maybe the old version of auto-connect that had multiple tasks of each type can help u to schedule a reboot module to run.

        Here –

  30. hi !

    i did use it earlier. its the same thing as running two schedulers at the same time, viz, one ‘auto-connect’, and the other a windows scheduled task to reboot the router (which auto-connect V2.7 prompts one to do when ‘modem reboot’ task is selected in the GUI. and as it is, the reboot module for MT882 you gave above is unable to reboot the router for now). that is why i was saying that the ‘all functions integrated’ feature of auto-connect V3.3.2 is the best — one application to do it all ! no need to run a scheduler separately. please see if you could tweak auto-connect V3.3.2 for MT882 router using any of the above scripts whenever you get time to do so. till then, i would be using a task scheduler software to reboot my router 🙂

  31. My System gets Stuck On The Welcome Screen after Waking up from Hibernation

    How to Bypass this and Continue download?

    I USe Win7ULx64


  32. is This is a Component of AcDS? – Program:Win32/PowerRegScheduler

  33. Hi Aijaz!
    thank you very much for such a good software.
    there is no Vista compatible version in the list of downloads for autodownloader.
    i actually tried with the XP version… pc wakes up from hibernation at the scheduled time but fails to reboot the modem.
    Please help.

    • Try the x64 one, the one I tested on Windows 7 … The 32 bit one also works fine on x64 systems, but fails to reboot modem. Try the x64 one and let me know.

      • the x64 version does not open itself.
        it says “the version of software is not compatible with the version of windows i am using”
        can u please create a windows vista home premium compatible one?

      • Have you enabled telnet on your system?? Please check if you havent, in that case, enable it.

        Anyways, it seems you are using the x86 (or 32 bits) version of vista … I hadnt had the chance to test it on x86 Vista and Windows 7. A few others had too pointed this issue, and its been long pending. I will take it up soon, and see its solved. Meanwhile, I advice you too switch to bridge mode of connection for your modem, that way you can dial the connection when needed, and a reboot isnt required.

  34. what is telnet?how do i enable it?
    yes i have 32 it vista.
    i dont want to use bridge mode because others users in my house are not very comfortable with it

  35. Hi ,
    My system is a windows7 x86 and i used your auto connect after following the procedure to switch on the telnet client as you mentioned. It works great. Kudos to you man.
    But the one problem is my system has to be left switched on otherwise if i put it in sleep mode it does not wake up.

    • Hi Prithvi , I am working on a new release, and I have accounted for this problem. You may have to compromise a little till this one is released.

  36. Hi!
    i recently installed Windows7 now.
    the software reboots d modem… the system does not wake up from hibernate mode.
    please provide the software as soon as possible.

  37. ok…

  38. hi,
    i have an Acer 5740 G laptop ,with Windows 7 as OS,
    i have The BBG FN 500 home plan( night unlimited ) plan
    i have been trying to use ur software but its not waking up from Hibernation/ sleep mode neither its restarting at 2 .15 am.
    kindly advice.
    however the rebooting/opening of utorrent program/shutdown is working as scheduled if My laptop is kept on.

    • Hi dude … Is it x86 version of Windows 7, on which you are using the x86 version of Auto-connect ?? In that case, the x86 version if used on Windows 7 has a bug that doest wake up the system from sleep.

      Also, did you enable telnet on your laptop ?? Do that, follow the instructions as mentioned in post. Also you may need to alter the power profile, details given in post. Do that and lemme know if it responds fine.


  39. Hi,
    I used your software.Its gr8.but i have a small problem.Most of the times it works and sometimes it doesnt auto connect at all.When the net net connects the “LINK” yellow light on my Nokia Siemens C2110 blnks 4-5 times indicating connection and also for disconnection.But sometimes it cant connect at all as the light doesnt blink.I am using the v3.3.1 for win7 x86.Please try to sort out my problem.Also give me the downoad link for the latest one.Plz try to add a feature of locking the username and password.

    • Hi Kaushik! How do you connect your modem? Is it through USB cable or ethernet? This seems to be a connectivity issue, which I have seen in cases when we use a USB cable to connect the modem. A poor line can also be blamed. Please check with your local exchange, coz this doest look like an issue with the software.

      • I have to use the windows xp version of v3.3.2 of auto connect.Have you planned to make a win 7 x86 for the latest one.My modem is connected by ethernet cable.I dont think there is any problem in connectivity as when I manually connect by providing the username and password,it connects and the blinking thing is there.I am saying your software works fine,but once in a while it doesnt connect at all.Do i need to disable or enable anything in win7 to remove this problem.Your software also says it doesnt have a valid digital signature.So the nagging message comes up every time whether to run it.What do I do about it?Please also keep in mind about the locking the username and password which i give.(like disabling the fields for further editing afetr initially entered.Thanks in advance.

  40. Hi Aijaz, Superb piece of software you have done. But I am facing a problem. I am using a D-Link DSL-2640T router (wireless) and have Dataone Home 500 plan. For security purpose I have changed the router login password (from default ‘admin’). The Autoconnect while rebooting modem shows login failure.
    Is their any way that the software can have a facility to accept the changed password. If I have to reset the password to default, then I am at risk as I am using wireless.

    • Hi Patil, you have indicated a very good point which is infact a security concern. As of now, autoconnect doest have a feature to use a custom router login password. But I’ll certainly take it into account when working on the next release.

      • Thanks Aijaz for prompt reply. I hope you do that very soon. BY when r u planning the next release?

        I was about to change my BSNL plan to unlimited download (as I didn’t want to spend sleepless nights) but thanks to autoconnect, I dont have to do that now.
        Keep up the good work!!!

      • That wont take long I suppose … since this is very critical security issue, I hope I’ll patch it by this weekend and release a new version. Thanks for pointing it out.

  41. Hello Aijaz…..thanks a lot for this lovely bit of software….it reduces a lot of hassles….since I have recently migrated to the BSNL 500C+ plan, I was worried about waking up nights to download, but your software did the trick….very hassle-free – functined without a glitch!
    Could you clarify this for me…you have mentioned: “Note: It is to be taken care that while scheduling tasks, the time is in 24 hours format and also that the default date shown is date today. Hence, if you are scheduling a task which is to take place tomorrow morning at 2 am, remember to change the date a day ahead.”
    But there is no place to enter the time in the software page.
    Thanks a lot again.
    Calcutta, India

    • Hi Abhirup, that explanation was with respect to the earlier version, in the current version, there is no need to enter date, it automatically schedules it as needed.




  43. Hi Aijaz thanks a ton for the wonderful software…

  44. Great Work!!! But I have an issue to be resolved, which I hope you will answer..

    I have a BSNL Type 1 modem VMC AN1020-20. I have a Belkin N Wireless Router too Model F5D8233-4V3. OS is Windows 7. I have an always on connection using wireless router. I tried using your software to reboot my router without any effect. If I am using my modem as standalone after providing username and password, it will start at the specified time which I can do using Rasdial command in bat file and using scheduled tasks.

    How can I reboot my Router ?????

  45. Thanx for response. I enabled Telnet Client…

  46. Hey u software really helpd me b4..thnks alot.. but nwdays its nt working as i need to mannualy on off my modem orelse am gettin charged for what all I download. I need to on off the moden after 2am then it works orelse it will be counted in non happy hours.Am from Kerala, kindly please help me 🙂

  47. Hi,Aijaz
    Am using “Auto-connect V 2.7” in Win XP, it is very Cool. Its Interface is very good, easy to use no problem using to connect. But now I installed “Win7 Ultimate 32bit”, I tried “Auto-connect V3.3.2” , its not working Properly, can u please Provide 2.7 Like Software. Its Request…..

    • Hi Ashwin ! Did you enable telnet on your Windows 7 machine ?? By default telnet isnt enabled, and you’ll have to enable that, thats in case you have a always-on connection. Can I know if you use an always-On connection or you dial it ??

  48. Brother your software is very useful cos i have the bsnl night 2 t0 8 unlimited plan. thanks for the releases.

  49. Hi
    I work on Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.
    After scheduling the software, when the pc waked up, it showed a window saying- BOOTMGR is missing
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
    When i restarted it, then it did not automatically log in to my account,rather prompted the welcome screen.Thus i need to manually login everytime.
    I use v3.3.1

    Please sort out these two problems…..
    Thanks in advance… 🙂

    • Hi … Bootmgr missing issue is unrelated to auto-connect … you may have to repair your installation to fix it … as for the PC stopping ta welcome screen after waking, you can go to power options, and disable the option that says “Require password on wakeup”, and set it to NO.

  50. u r really awesome i have rs 500 i’m 100% utilising it.sleeping peace fully .thanks man for ur brilliant work.:-)

  51. Hi Aijaz …

    It’s a Wonderful Software, My plan is Combo 500 plan , and it’s always On connection and Modem is Automatically Resetting at the preffered time , But one prblm i dont want to run any program at the specified time , but Auto-connect Download scheduler , does not permit without filling tat[ or not save]…. Anyidea……..

    Thank u So much….

    • Hi Vinay ! You can select a dummy file in run program field, like a notepad file, or a batch file which has nothing in it, that just opens a cmd window and closes. True, I programmed auto-connect not to proceed without entering any file. Since I am no longer working on it, you can use this work around to fix the issue.

  52. hello , your version 3.3.2 software is great .but once i have used this software and the next time when i opens it shows that script is not i have to download software each time,when i have to use it.please help me to get rid of these……..

    • Hi Kiran … Is your anti-virus falsely identifying auto-connect as a malware? Some anti-viruses gave false positive/suspicious program response to auto-connect. Add it to white-list, this should solve the issue.

  53. can u clarify one thing? i use bridge mode, i.e, i dialup to connect to net. my problem is that, if in between, the net get’s disconnected, what will happen? it wont be able to reconnect? isn’t it????

    • Since you dial you internet, and internet gets lost inbetween, autoconnect cant reconnect the internet, since this features isnt available. But you can write a simple batch file which keeps checking net status by ping, and if its disconnected, you can dial the connection again using rasdial. This should solve your issue.

  54. Hey comp after coming out of hibernation it .comes as locked (which doesn’t make the download work)…i have to log in n then only the download works …any suggestion how to remove the lock status thing ???? at starup ..

  55. i am using this software for some time…now checked the questions of users and ur replies to that….u are really helpful….all the best for u and thanks for this superb software…….

  56. program didn’t work for me.
    i am using windows 7 ultimate.
    configured auto connect & turn laptop in sleep mode.
    program didn’t make wake from sleep… even in hibernate mode.

    please help

    • Hi … On power options, in windows 7, wake-up timers are disabled by default. Please enable them, else PC wont wake up.

      • thanks for the reply, changed settings for wakeup; but after wakeup welcome screen with locked user came. how to automate complete procedure so that downloading can be done unattended.

      • There is another option in power scheme settings, that makes you laptop stay locked upon being turned on … Disabling that shall complete the setup …

  57. Hello, i have enabled wake up timers in my power scheme and also the prevent standby in utorrent. Will utorrent successfully prevent my laptop from going to sleep or hibernating, and does utorrent prevent my harddisks from turning off automatically or does downloading ensure hd isn’t idle and won’t turn off? Should i make a new power scheme without the sleep mode, hibernate or hd turn offs?
    And where is the link for Autoconnect 32bit win7 version? I can find only the 64 bit for

    • uTorrent does prevent your system from hibernating/making your HD turning off … a new power scheme will not be required … Also, x32 version for XP should work fine on Windows 7 x32.

  58. Hi bro ! m jus wondering working of wakeup function in your program. How did u managed to do it ? Is there any command line to manually set wakeup timer through command prompt? Plz reply 🙂

    • I used autoit … but a simpler way is to download microsoft’s JT scheduler, and you can schedule tasks in windows from commandline and set the wakeup attribute as well …

  59. Your software is working finely, it’d be better if you provide a dropdown option list at the end with options to hibernate, shutdown or sleep instead of the currently available only shutdown option.

  60. I have a BSNL Broadband ADSL2 modem model no. AN1020-20. I wanted to know if i can have a WIFI router connected to it !!! If i can attach a WIFI router which will be the best buy. Please advise….

    • Yes , you can connect a wifi router, as a matter of fact, to any LAN connection … Here you will connect the router to the cable that connects your modem to your PC/Laptop. There is a whole range of routers available, you can pick a simple low budget netgear one or there are ones available from Belkin which host a torrent genie application, but costs more.

  61. I have a question which comes to my mind.
    As the software has a option when the PC should turn ON and Reboot Modem
    I am interested to know would there shall be data transfer between the modem/router & server till the PC is turn ON or the modem is Rebooted.
    What i assume (correct me if wrong) if you modem is switched on between 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM, although the PC is turned or of your network connection in made disabled,
    there shall be still some data transfer been done, which could be chargeable.
    Thanks in advance to clarify by doubt.

    • If u have to dial up your connection, in that case when u hibernate you PC, and the PC wakes you and then dials the connection, there isnt data transfer … The trick,in fact, isnt about data transfer … its about session refresh … When you dial in after 2am, the session starts fresh and what ever you download comes under the free quota … In case you have a always On connection, when u hibernate your system in night, say at 9pm, and system wakes up at say 2:05am, since your router was on all this time, you are connected in the same session, the limited quota one … and some data might have been transferred between the server and your router … When system wakes up, you initiate a modem reboot, which closes the earlier session, and starts a fresh one, which now begins in the free download quota. At the end of the session, say in morning 7:55, you reboot again, to end this free session, which sees that whatever you downloaded falls in the free time. If you dont, in many cases, if time crossed post 8am and then u end the session, all what you downloaded was charged. Hence the reboot before 8am.

  62. hi

    i dont have any problems wit ur s/w, just dropped in to say thank you very much for preparing this beautiful piece of work.

  63. hi……Very thankful to U since I’m using it for 1year………but now I’m facing problem wid it…….when I schedule task,minimising it and hibernating PC,the PC is resuming automatically after 10-15 seconds..I also checked by closing the applicationa nd hibernating.then my PC is not starting automatically…Therfore there is a problem with AUTOCONNECT software only….please tell me any solution….

  64. hi….dat problem is solved automatically…I’m facing another problem since so many days.I took it easily but it became worse…I’m using WIN7.The PC is turning ON,connecting INTERNET and d’loading TORRENTS as scheduled…but after d’loading some data(25-50MB) net is not working…even though it shows “CONNECTED” in the bottom r8 corner,it shows yellow mark on that.(as the one which appears when disconnected).when i saw at 6’o clock it will be like this and when i tried to disconnect it,it will not the only way is restarting computer.In this way all my free hours is wasting..So please help me…I’m waiting 4 ur reply…

    • Hi Raj … Sorry for the delay, I seldom check the blog these days … nothing have changed in auto-connect since last release, so I am sure it isnt an issue with it. You use always on or a dial up connection? Also, whats the OS ?

      • I’m using dial up connection & OS is WINDOWS7

      • Looks like an issue with your connection … I had seen similar issues with XP, connection going down after using for a little while … Try deleting the connection from connection manager and create it again … A scan using malwarebytes might help too if its some malware at work …else switching to always ON should solve the problem …

    Plz help me out …..

    • Hi Arup!If you are still facing the issue, I’ll need more information. What is the new OS you have put? Is it x86 or x64? Are you using always on mode or dial up?

  66. will it work on windows8 also?

  67. I actually ponder the reason you called this specific posting, “Auto-connect Download scheduler PC-Gyaan”.
    No matter what I actually loved the article!Thanks a lot,Star

  68. “Auto-connect Download scheduler PC-Gyaan” genuinely makes myself contemplate a small amount more.

    I appreciated each and every single piece of it. Thank you -Velva

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