Windows Genuine Advantage

Having a genuine copy of windows is really worth it, considering support and updates from Microsoft, and even new upgrades asks for validation. But there are events reported that even genuine licence holders some times get caught in WGA trap, if forums are to be believed.

Windows Genuine Advantage is Microsoft anti piracy tool that verifies if the licence you use for your windows is genuine or not. It comes included in a few upgrades, or as a update online in windows update, or is asked to get validated in case you download something from Microsoft. The tool upon verification of licence, if it fails sets up a startup process that pops up  a window that informs that you use a pirated version of windows, on logon screen and toolbar on desktop as well, making it really annoying.

Lets be on right side and believe you got caught in this issue even though you hold a genuine licence 🙂 , here is solution that stops the annoying process while you get the issue solved from Microsoft.

The hard way- The startup application uses files wgalogon.dll and wgatray.exe . To get started, go to folder options-view and un-tick hide extensions of known file types. Apply and exit. The process of stopping it consists of two steps-

i. Cutting the database- Go to C:\windows\system32 and search for a file named wgalogon.dll . Rename it to wgalogon.dll.bak . Create a new text document and rename it to wgalogon.dll . Upon saving, a confirmation is asked to change extension, confirm yes.

ii. Now in same directory search for a file wintray.exe . Using killbox, while ending explorer shell, delete the file. Restart the system. The pop up will no longer come.

The soft way- A software counterfeiting error may also be generated  even when we change the original key with a software generated key, resulting in conflict. So, in case you have the original key, use the magic jelly bean key finder tool. It not only displays the current key, but you can also go to options and change the key installed as well. Just change the key to original one and the pop up should no longer appear.

The easy way- There are programs available that can remove WGA error on a click. For novice users, it’s a bliss. Check out the one available at- .

In case you haven’t get troubled yet, and don’t want your windows verified, just run MSCONFIG, go to services and disable automatic updates and also security centre (else it pops up error that automatic updates are disabled). A little disconnected from Microsoft, you can continue your secret life!

The next post is going to be about being the BAD guy… a dose of batch file programming to make your own kitchen made viruses! Trick you friends, play prank on pals, make your enemies suck, its time for a little mischief!!


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